Wuhuuu....Long Time No See

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 8 Jejak Pembaca
so sorry
cause not updating my blog. 

Recently i'm very busy, got final exam. So i don't have time to update my blog (although through this 1st sem, i never update my blog. just to find 'an excuse' hahahaha =p)

me start with 
hurrayyy :)

and also let me wish ''Happy Holiday to All CFS IIUM Students''

I don't know what to write about.

Ha..! Yesterday night, my father banked in ''some amount of money'' (hehehehe =p)
because i ordered new toy for my buddy (nikon D90) .
I hope he will enjoy his birthday gift (although his birthday is 23 Dec..ahakszz)

It was really DIFFICULT  to order online cause i never ever order online (really noob in this matter)

I ordered 3 TIMES AND ALL FAILED (this really show my noobness LOL)

To add to my stupidity..
i dont know what is bank-in, cash deposit and things related to bank
(stupid bank..i hate bank cause i dont know anything about it)

You want to know why i need to do 3 times to make a success order?

the answer is

  • i wrongly insert the payment method.
FIRST >> I choose maybank2u

 (want to know why i choose this really attractive #@$%#$% cause i thought if we use maybank and if we want bank in to others account at the atm machine, we need to choose  this holy #$%#$% , but it is NOT . arghhh..!!) 

SECOND >> I choose bank in 

(i'm REALY REALY sure this is the right one. but once again I'M WRONG...argh, dont want to write about this anymore)
The good news is 

The online company quoted me that the parcel will be delivered on 29SEP which is TOMORROW...wuhuuu!!!

oppss..forgot to tell you all what is the new toy is >>

It is

Manfrotto 055xprob which is cost me about RM5XX

coupled with

Manfrotto 498rc2 which cost about RM3XX

so you do the Math and dont get shocked

ONE WORD for this tripod > VERSATILE

let me give you some examples 

P/S : don't you ever laugh for my stupidity and i more thing..SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH (kids still learning how to walk)

8 Jejak Pembaca:

  • ZuL Pang said...

    i'm trying to improve my english la!
    (only now u want to improve ur english...? what kind of person la )

    aku nye malaysia nyer company..so free shipping within peninsular malaysia..ko aku xtaw mcm ner. kene la gak try2 mende alah ni..jgn jd mcm aku suda...xgeeetiii

  • ZuL Pang said...

    oit...! yg mane ni..! aku da married xtaw er? (dgn camera aku..! wahahah *wekss =p* )

    bini didahulukan...family diutamakn..member dilengah-lengahkan..ahaha =p

    **sesungguhnya single itu xseseronok mana..tp xmemeningkan spt yg telah berpunya (ada mksd tersirat)**

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